Geneva Scales of War

Biggest, Blackest...?

From the irregular hall where the Wayfarers felled the litch, most doors revealed ratty sleeping chambers, but on stairway led up, and one led down. Following the stair down, the Wayfarers discovered a guardroom, and through it, a well-appointed study. Despite a chair, and rug, it did not appear either had been used in a long time, if at all, although the desk clearly had been. The tapestry on the wall depicted demons enslaving and subjugating the innocent. Through a second set of locked doors off the guardroom—Mako unlocked with a Skeleton Key —the Wayfarers found a chamber of pillars and pits; a lone, black-scaled Dragonborn knelt next to a far pit, speaking into it, “We’ll see to your rescuers before we finish.”

The Dragonborn was Morhnjar, the Black Exarch of Tiamat. In battle, he wielded a finely-crafted falchion, and was joined by a Beholder and pack of blind, slavering Grimlocks. When Mako transposed himself with the Exarch, he discovered in the pit was a draconic angel, to which he immediately bowed. The angel had been tortured, and was led outside by the Wayfarers, where it struggled to take flight and return to its celestial home.

Returning up the stairs into the tower, the Wayfarers discovered a row of bed chambers, some use,d some abandoned. From the other side of a set of double doors at the center of the hall murmurs could be heard; bursting through the doors, the Wayfarers entered into a huge chamber. Across from the doors a black altar stood, and to the right, two narrow stone stairs led down.



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