Geneva Scales of War

Candy Corn Holed

The Wayfarers remained engaged with the naga and hulking troll, leaving the tunnel via the dry path once the combat was won. The tunnel branching to the right ran for a ways with a trickle of a stream next to it, until the stream disappeared into the rocks. Further along, the tunnel opened to the left into a series of cliff, each sticking up like buttes or small plateaus. The glow of luminous lichen, refracted through crystal stalactites, lit the room. From the top plateau, a horned head peeked out, and whipped back suddenly. During the climb to the first ledge, a devil engaged the heroes; its horned head, red skin, and trident the cliche’ image of a devil—Kah recognizes a War Devil. From the highest plateau, another devil gestured, an abyssal thunderclap echoed through the room—Kah recognized a Storm Devil. In combat, the War Devil called out Odachi, but Orsik’s assault felled the beast, and Odachi grunted over its body, “That’s the power of teamwork…bitch.” From the ceiling, more devils—Barbed Devils—dropped, and in engaging Orsik kept kicking him off the ledge. The dwarf swore he landed on his feet both time, but the Wayfarers remained incredulous. As each devil fell, they let out a string of obscenities Abyssal.

From the top of the plateaus, the Wayfarers noted another passage continuing into the darkness, opening in short order to a gigantic chamber, in which stone pinnacles, like volcanic cones, rose from the floor. In the center, a huge cone emitted a greenish haze and sulfurous smell that filled the room. Two clawed undead stood near the passage from which the Wayfarers entered, as if at guard. A floating figure, armed with a scythe, hovered across the room from that passage. Make opened with a Transposing Shot, bringing the floating undead closer and positioning himself to snipe the undead. Throughout the combat, the cones emitted a greenish-yellow, poisoned gas.



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