Geneva Scales of War

Don't poke the Naga

Hello Wayfarer fans, Kah here. Odachi took a couple of hard hits to the head leaving him a little foggier than usual on what happened so I am helping him with the old adventure log. When we last left our brave band of adventurers, they were beset by vampires in the small town of Mundahan. After taking out the first wave, Odachi caught up with the head vampire lady as she fled the scene, only to face her reinforcements. And who trailed along to back him up but yours truly (I really haven’t been feeling like myself lately) The rest of the wayfarers arrived and eventually after the bloodsuckers were all bruised, bleeding and burnt with arrows sticking out of them, Odachi knocked out their leader and we dragged her back to the seers hut. She needed a little persuading but eventually after I gave her a glimpse of my primordial form, she told us her master was Cass the Betrayer. Mako had more questions for her, but she was not very forthcoming after Silvermane lopped her head off.

As we investigated the town, a vampire messenger told us that another of his kind named Rolain wanted us to meet with him in a graveyard. “We’ve done dumber things” was the consensus, so we followed the messenger and met the well dressed leach. He also works for Cass the betrayer and offered us a trade. He would tell us where the blade was that would open the portal if we promised to bargain with Cass after we get it. Seeing as how this puts us next to a guy trying to kill us with a sword in our hand, we agreed. Rolain told us that the undead dragon who guarded the portal also guarded the sword. Rolain also revealed the story of how Mundahan came to be in the shadowfell. Back during the Dragonkin and Tiefling war, this elderdragon was a scout for the dragonkin. He was given a secret mission to inspect a tiefling stronghold in a jungle. He brought his daughter along and they found the base. The dragons began to attack the town but after three strafes they realized that it was not an army camp but a refugee camp. They had killed innocent children and crippled tieflings fleeing the war. The dragons daughter was horrified and declared that they must return and explain what happened but the elder dragon would not let her. This was to be his greatest achievement an he could not bear the shame of the massacre it had become. They fought and the dragon killed his daughter. Then he killed all who saw. As he raged, a fog enveloped the town and the dragon. When the mist cleared, the town had appeared here in the shadowfell, along with the Dragon.

We decided we can still take him, so after we rested and the next day one of Rolain’s minions led us to the cave entrance to the dragons lair. We enter and find an underground waterfall where a Naga and Campion tell us we may not disturb the dragon. We kill the campion easy enough but as we were about to end the Naga, a giant troll burst from the water. Is this the end of the Wayfarers? Probably not, but tune in next time to find out!



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