Geneva Scales of War

Elaborately Staged Nuts

In the gallery room, the three cambion stood at guard around the silver dragon statue. As the demon-spawn turned to engage the Wayfarers, footfalls echoed from the far corridor. A cambion wielding a quarterstaff spoke, promising the Wayfarers that they would make a worthy sacrifice to his master, the dracolich they sought. He fell quickly in combat, but two nothics—one-eyed aberrations—joined the fray from the far corridor.

Following combat, the Wayfarers inspected the statues and tapestries around the chamber. The staues portrayed a motley array, each with a name inscribed on the statue’s base:
A skeleton adorned in jeweled robes
A dragonborn in heavy armor
A sleek black dragon
One pile of rubble, the name inscribed on its base was Sarissa, that of the seer in town.
An angel of secrets, very similar in appearance in appearance to the one they met previously.

The tapestries each portrays a map of one of the ancient empires: Arkoshia of the dragonborn; Bael Turath of the tieflings; the eladrin realm of the twin queens; a strange and disturbing forest, with the name The Forest of Twisted Souls sewn into its border; and Nerath, the human empire. Each would be of immense value to collectors or historians, such as the university at Sayre.

Exiting the way the nothics entered, the tunnel opens to a familiar scene, as stone islands float above a deep opening in the cavern floor. The ghost still beckoned from one of the islands. Odachi and Riven flew to the first rock island, Mako and Kah took shots from afar. The ghost tried to posses Odachi, but failing resorted to combat; the dark clouds in the ceiling coalesced into the shifting forms of Callers in the Darkness. After a long, drawn-out battle, the undead fell, opening the way for the Wayfarers to continue to the next chamber.



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