Geneva Scales of War

Every Time I Tried to Equip Something to the Hands, It Disappeared!

A month in Sayre passes, the Wayfarers each attending to their own personal quests. Odachi again spends much time working with Sayre’s archdruid. However, the Goliath finds himself troubled by signs from the ancestor spirits, and at least once a week seeks out primal places of power for answers: a high mountain cairn, a world tree at the heart of the woods near the city, a luminescent cavern spring deep within the Underdark. At each, he is presented with a potential destiny for himself: hero, fallen, conqueror, and so on. It seems to the Goliath as if the ancestors’ plan for him are muddled, and unclear. Seeking knowledge, he begins to haunt Sayre’s library, the Goliath’s huge frame and hides initially off-putting to the librarians, but eventually they grow accustomed to his huge frame stalking the stacks. Odachi learns much of the Dawn War during this time: of Gods, Primordials, and Primal Spirits; of Io, Tiamat and Bahamut.

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The Wayfarers are eventually summoned to the Coalition House; the old mansion still serving as their base of operations. Amyria, looking drawn and ill, contact with Bahamut having been lost, informs the party that answers to unraveling the riddle can be found in the extra-planar planar city of Hestavar, created by the gods Pelor, Erathis, and Ioun to be their home, the pinnacle of lawful civilization. Ioun’s own Swan Tower library.

Silvermane calls Amyria aside, and informs her of a dream he had, a dream in which she was struck by an arrow of sinew and bone, only for the perspective to shift, and he held a great bow. Upon hearing the description of the arrow, Kah blurt out in Primordial, only to have Odachi [-Editor’s note. Yup. It was ODACHI. We were all very confused by this account.] translate, “Arrow of Fate.” Kah’s inner primordial had been speaking, and the wizard reveled the Arrow of Fate is a legendary artifact, the very weapon used to split the dragon god Io into his Bahamut and Tiamat halves. Amyria shared that she too had a similar dream, of being struck by the same arrow, but not knowing fear.

After some debate [mostly consisting of Mako saying, “We can walk! No really, I have this nifty new power and we can walk!” and Odachi repeating, “No flying boats. No flying boats. No flying boats.”], the Wayfarers decided to travel via a Kah-created-portal to Hestavar.

The Wayfarers arrived in the Hestavar upon the beach of a crystalline lagoon, the archetype of the perfect city stretching up from its shores, earthmotes floating above. A sense of ease, of law, of order pervaded the town; angels, devils, and exalted walked and talked together, debating philosophy and war. While some walked up carved stairs from the shore, others flew, or took any of a number of flying skiffs to get into the city itself. Odachi repeated, “No boats.” However, a deal with a fast-talking devil named Binwin secured the pilot’s services for the day, first to drink, then to the library. First, to the “Winged Halo,” an inn of some repute, where a line of questioning turned up that Pelor, Erathis, and Ioun could be found in the city, but audience with them would be next to impossible. A short walk away, on the way to the Swan Tower, the hustle and bustle of the city fades, and the party is set upon by a troupe of devils, and as noted for their oddity as part of the troupe, two mitheral dragon-kin. Following the battle, a puzzle box was discovered on one of them, and while it contained enough residuum for a significant number of rituals, it left the bigger puzzle as to the strange party of lesser devils and typically good dragon-kin.



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