Geneva Scales of War

I Untrained that Accidentally. Shitty.

Odachi thinking about taking level in Bard. So, Odachi write epic.
After claiming the Arrow of Fate from the actually-quite-accommodating “Unyielding Storm”, it was decided that Ioun has basically said, “I will tell you where the arrow is. But I won’t look if you find you need to take it.”

Odachi still think trying to out-con Asmodius bad idea. But now Pelor, Erathis, Ioun, and Bahamut’s problem. And then most likely problem of Spooky, Shooty, and Furry. Which means possibly Odachi’s problem. If for no other reason than to keep Burny from incinerating Prime Material…sigh. One god at a time.

After arguing if best way to return to Sayre was walk, portal, or find flying pheldagriff, Odachi think Kah portaled. At Telecanthus’ manor, Bejem tells Amyria is very ill, but perhaps the healing city of Empyrion would heal her (why we not go there first?). With a quickly drawn and chanted portal by Kah, we found ourselves in front of the white marble Alabaster Tower (Odachi sense motif in decor among outer planes), a half-dozen robed Exalted walked from the tower, an immediately began ministering to the deva. Another robed figure, shorter and stockier than others, steps up, and pulling back his hood reveals Kalad, Paladin or Moradin and former Commander of the Coalition Forces. Odachi hugs little dead dwarf.

Kalad tells that while he fell in battle, Moradin requested him here, knowing we would eventually need assistance. Bahamut predicted all of this (why he not move to stop it earlier? Again, gods), and put part of his essence in Amyria. We’ll need Moradin’s help to get it out.

And speaking of “One God at a Time” (Odachi have idea for humorous series of ballads with that title. Must make note.) Wayfarers the headed to Moradin’s realm (Odachi doesn’t mind Moradin. Sure, his avatar/aspect got conned by Dispater, but seems like nice guy, as far as gods go). Behind the god’s beard (actually a waterfall. Not bad for god of dwarves), things seemed “off.” Particularly when we were attacked in a forge room by unnatural machines. In a smelting room, we conned our way out of battle. Finally, at a giant anvil, stood an aspect of the god himself, who, with a quick knock into the pool of lava (See? Lava. Mountains. Natural. Never fails.) came to senses.

With Moradin’s blessing (and the creation spark), we planeswalk to Bahamut’s palace, and immediately tell something is wrong. Bodies, of devils, mithril dragons, and gold dragons are scattered throughout the palace. In one courtyard, a tortured gold dragon lie all but dead, he musters enough strength to fill us in on rest of plan: Dakranad (Drakkar Noir? Doctor Nards?) the Mithril Dragon would see Bahamut slain to end the dawn war. Dispater, the devil lord, is assisting him in his own bid for power. Once his story is told, Silvermane puts the dragon to rest.

Onto the Bridge of Alsahal, a Creation Node where existence began (well, for the gods, maybe). A huge mithril dragon and a lone cloaked figure stand, the dragon demands the arrow and the spark. We…chose not to provide it. As the dragon kept being knocked into the abyss below, Odachi and Orsik took on the Lord of Hell himself, Dispater. With the death of Dakranad, Dispater was pushed into the glowing, golden field at the end of the bridge. As he slowly disintegrated, he opened a portal, an in a raspy voice said, “well played, Wayfarers,” and stepped back to the hells.

Amyria gathered enough strength to take the arrow and the spark, walk into the shimmering curtain, and step out an old man. Bahamut looked to those loyal to him, and thanked them for their service. The old god knew the battle with Tiamat was not over, but we had restored him.

…Odachi think he’ll stick with swords. Writing not for him.



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