Geneva Scales of War

"It DID Sound Juicy, or Motorboating Yourself."

As the Wayfarers entered into a plushy arranged, crystalline room, a lich, his skin rotted away, turns and says “The heroes are too late,” with a sneer. Orsik responds with delicate dwarven diplomacy…by whipping his hammer at the lich’s head. With a raise of his ebon wand, black tentacles shot upward, and two smokey wraiths appeared to attack. Ifuljahar teleported across the chamber, and with a gout of flame, burned his laboratory and notes. While most of the adventurers took care to destroy Ifuljahar, Mako was able to extinguish most of the flames. In the laboratory, several books rested on a bookcase; two tomes were clearly in use, but badly charred. Kah was able to determine that it appeared the ritual was in planning for centuries, its purpose to bind a god in mortal form.

Kah’s own ritual questioning of the room confirmed the Wayfarer’s suspicions that Bahamut was the target, and where the treasures of the lich were hidden.

With a Planar Portal cast by Kah, the Wayfarers returned to Sayre, to deliver word to the angel who intially pointed them to the plane of betrayal. The atmosphere of Sayre was tense, a feeling of greed permeated the people; Tiamat had the city firmly in her talons. Upon reporting to the Coalition, the sense of purpose that held the alliance together during the war had faded to squabbles over trade agreements and territory. Amyria would send for Bejem, to study the ritual. While Amyria and Silvermane still felt Bahamut’s spark within them, but the temple of Bahamut was shuttered. The Wayfarers arrived to find the torches unlit, and the door barred. Odachi “picked the lock” in his less than subtle manor, and as upon entering found its priests cowering inside. Silvermane ordered the temple to reopen, and one lone altar boy slowly stood, then ran to follow the Talon of Bahamut’s orders.



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