Geneva Scales of War

My Super Hero Name is "Quick Pickle"

The Wayfarers knock, and when no one answers, they enter the tower…
Into the Mottled Citadel, the Wayfarers enter a corridor; to Orsik it appeared not carved, but smoothed from the stone with dark magic. As Kah lit the way, it became clear the dust on the floor had not been disturbed in a very long time. Double doors at the far end, two doors branched off the center of the hall: the first into a small sitting room containing chairs and a table carved with years of graffiti; the second into a slightly wider entry hall, and around a 90-degree corner, a small empty room. The double doors at the end of the initial chamber opened into a large, rectangular room. Four pits near each corner dropped under the floor, and investigation revealed they were connected via tunnels. In the center of the room “stood” a mass of chain approximating human form: a Chain Golem. On the other side of the chain golem, a large double door led out of the room. As combat with the golem ensued, it was joined by humanoid figures appearing to be made of smoke, and eventually a flaming skull. When the Wayfarers felled the huge golem, it crashed to the ground with the sound of tons of steel hitting stone.
Through the double doors at the end of the chamber, the Wayfarers entered into an irregularly-shaped chamber, and a robed, skeletal figure at the far end screeched, and was joined by screeches from the chambers branching off the hall. The skeletal figure is joined by others, and eventually, a clearly better-appointed skeleton steps from one of the rooms, Kah called “Litch!”And though with its dying breath it swore to return, finding its phylactery under a mattress in one of the chambers ended its chances of a quick return.



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