Geneva Scales of War

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Total treasure from claiming the Sword of Kas, and ignoring Rolain, the vampire lord: 19000 gp each. Plus three potions of vitality.

After stepping through the portal in Arantor’s lair, the Wayfarers found themselves upon a rocky outcropping overlooking a forest of dry, withered, dead trees, their gnarled branches reaching up like skeletal fingers into the utterly still sky. A dim light that could only be generously called sunlight filtered though the cloud cover, no wind blew, not one of the clouds above moved. In the distance ahead of the party, a black tower pierced the grey sky; behind them, the rocky outcropping sloped downward into the wood. The silence was shattered as a Blackroot Trent, crashed form the forest at lunged at the Wayfarers. A brief, but intense battle ensued, the Trent joined by two warriors, as if carved from stone, who erupted from the rock beneath. The battle ended by pushing the Trent over the cliff face, shattering itself and the grey, gnarled trees below in its fall.

Throughout the battle, and into the wood, the Sword of Kas urged Silvermane to betray his companions, and urging the revenant ignored. Marching down the hill, led by Odachi, scouted by Mako, for there was no clear path into the unnatural woods, hours of heading roughly in the direction of the citadel in the distance, the Wayfarers came upon a clearing. A brackish creek cut through the clearing, and on its far bank, a large figure in the form of a traditional reaper floated next to a more finely dressed skeleton. Between the creek and the Wayfarers, two trees glow with spectral energy, Odachi notes spirits trapped inside. Kah responds to the tree by lighting it on fire, and Skeletor across the creek warns that will only be a temporary solution.

The Wayfarers parley with the undead, who reveals himself to be Rithkerrar, a follower of Vecna whose own quest to reclaim the ritualist, Irfelujahar has been impeded by the denizens of the forest. He and his deathly companion were all that remained. Rithkerrar was open and forthright with the party, for Vecna had as much to gain as the Wayfarers from stopping the ritual and gaining revenge upon Tiamat. In discussion, it was revealed that Irfelujahar was corrupted by Tiamat a millennium prior, and Mornujhar, the black exarch, guards the citadel and the ritualist. Throughout the parley, the Sword of Kas was abuzz with a desire to attack this high-ranking follower of Vecna, through which Silvermane taunted the artifact.

With an uneasy agreement reached, Rithkerrar was to stay and contact Vecna, while the Wayfarers continued upon the way to the tower in the distance. Some hours later, the shadow of the tower falls upon the adventurers. A path winds its way up the rocky crag upon which it stands, the grey trees twist into a canopy over the path, blocking out what light filters from the sky. At the first turn of the path, undead claw their way up from the ground, ambushing the Wayfarers and drawing them into battle. Even the trees would join in the fight, for Kah especially was raked with sharply gnarled branches when he drew to close.



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