Geneva Scales of War

The Arrow of Fate is in the Quiver of Hope. Next to the Beans of Redeption.

In front of the Taint of Regret, and beyond that is the Void.

The Wayfarers found themselves at the Swan Tower, home to the largest library on any plane and the home of the goddess Ioun. Entering into the library, they directly approached the information desk. Silvermane, wasting no time, set out the demand to speak with the goddess herself. It was revealed that she was not in the city, having departed some time before on a “research trip.” The head librarian, a deva named Kalthax, was quickly cowed into assisting, and sent James the page to summon the High Priest of Ioun. After much research, the heroes found information on the Arrow of Fate and its location within the city of Hestavar itself, beneath the lagoon out front. The presence of the devils in Hestavar was explained as well, for the devil lord Asmodius and the three gods of city made a pact to seal the arrow away.

James returned, having been slapped by the high priest himself, so the Wayfarers next order of business was to teach the “chosen of Ioun” some manners. Upon entry into the High Temple, they found an imperious halfling High Priest, who, with some theatrics from Kah, was cowed into casting a ritual to call upon the goddess. Ioun did respond, and indicated where the Arrow of Fate could be found, guarded by the primordial Nakhatan, The Unyielding Storm. Ioun also indicates annoyance with her high priest’s behavior.

With the assistance of Binwin’s skiff, the Wayfarers find a small basalt square in the center of the lagoon, and upon touching it, it sinks into the crystal waters. The water begins to swirl, creating a whirlpool, as winds whip up and a storm comes quite literally from nowhere. Upon the floor of the lagoon, in the center of this maelstrom, a figure made of stone and lighting strides from the wall of water. As the fliers approach the primordial, they are buffeted by winds pushing them to the ground. Odachi, carrying Orsik, drops the dwarf upon their foe, striking Nakhatan for the first of many critical strikes during the combat. Once the storm yields, his mortal form cracks open, revealing the Arrow of Fate and additional treasure.

Quickly flying out of the collapsing whirlpool, the Wayfarers board Binwin’s skiff in time to depart the scene before any of Hestavar’s angelic of devilish population can investigate.



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