Geneva Scales of War

These Balls are Kind of Sticky

Leaving the chamber of volcanic cones, the Wayfarers head to their left, back North (as close as they can surmise), in hopes of closing a loop of the cavern complex. Kah’s staff cast reddish-orange flame-like shadows on the cavern walls, as they Wayfarers made their way through the dark, but relatively straight, tunnel. After weaving for a time, a bluish light could be seen in the distance, eventually opening into a cavern with no floor in its center. Like many other chambers, luminous lichen refracted through crystalline stone lit the room. Across the gaping chasm, a path led to their left, westward towards the entrance to this labyrinth. Stone islands floated gently above the abyss, ebbing and flowing apparently at random; from the largest, a ghostly human figure beckoned to the heroes. After unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the spirit, the Wayfarers chose, instead, to turn to their right, and leave this cavern without conflict.

(Weird. We know.)

Orsik was the first to note a change in the air, tasting metal on it. Voices echoed from the next chamber; Riven scouting ahead revealed a torture and executing chamber, cells of stone along the walls, iron maiden across one side, racks across another, a guillotine in the center of the room. The floor sloped gently to a groove or gutter through the center, it disappearing under a stone wall with bas-relief Eladrin carved into it. Questions about the Eladrin artwork would have to wait, however, as three Rakshasa stood around the guillotine and a grey render shuffled within one of the cages cells. Mako had a plan. Invisibly, sneak within the center of the cat demons, and use his transposing arrow to trade places with the grey render. From the relative safety of the cell, he would pick off the Rakshasa while the render made short work of them. And with a successful shot, Mako found himself in the cell, and the Rakshasa confused as to why their pet suddenly teleported some twenty feet from where he had been.

Although the question was raised, “Should we just cut our losses and find another archer?” the rest of the Wayfarers joined the battle. One Rakshasa sought to confuse the situation by changing his form to that of Mako. Another entered the cell with Mako, and was trapped during the fray. Following the battle, there was debate as to slaying him to find what enchantment the Eladrin carving held, but Odachi held against meddling in blood magic. A weakened human was found tied to one of the racks, the Wayfarers provided him a sword and sent him on his way out.

After a rest within the Solace Bole , Orsik senses a change within the stone, “The mountain has moved,” he grunts, and so it has. The Wayfarers retraced their steps back toward the chasm and ghost, but found instead a room of statuary and hung with tapestries and maps. A large brazier lit the room, its light glinting of a statue of a huge golden dragon, around which three cambion stood guard.



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