Geneva Scales of War

We Could Be Playing Cards Against Humanity...

The chamber The Wayfarers entered stretched wider than longer, a blackened altar opposite the doors, a font of clouded water behind it. A heavily armored figure knelt in prayer before the altar. Addressed by Orsik, the figure rose, revealing itself to be a Dragonborn, saying, as so many had before, the Wayfarers were “too late,” for the ritual had begun. Orsik’s response was to aim and throw his hammer at the Dragonborn, who hissed, “So, it’s to be this way, then.” With a draw of his bowstring, Mako transposed with Dragonborn, and with a hiss from the foe, the doors to the room slammed shut. Following a relatively quick battle, the doors remained shut; as Orsik and Odachi struggled to open them, the draconic relief on the doors seemed to come to life, claws dug into the jamb around the door.

From the other side, a voice hisses, "You are too late…the
As the two defenders struggled with the doors, others explored the rooms connected to the chamber. To the right of the main doors, two narrow stairways led to a long hall, with statues of Tiamat in alcoves at either end. A small niche in the center of the hall held minimal ceremonial supplies. A series of chambers curved around the back of the wall holding the font, once opulent quarters now dusty and empty.

Eventually, damage dealt to the doors broke the spell, and The Wayfarers took an extended rest within the Solace Bole. Heading up the next flight of stairs, they reached a landing with double doors, the corridor leading to a room that appeared to consist of wooden walkways swinging over a hundred-foot pit. With their abilities, The Wayfarers were able to quickly fly over the pit, briefly seeing a demonic humanoid lunge upwards from below one of the walkways.



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