Minor Priestess of Ioun, rescued from the Rivenroar crypts


Jalissa is a fragile, sheltered priestess of Ioun who was taken captive by the hobgoblins that invaded Brindol. She was found rather quickly, and immediately latched on to Odachi. When returned to Brindol, she returned to her temple to recover from her ordeal.

After returning to Overlook from the Shadowfell, the Wayfarers discovered that Jalissa and Thurann had been seeking them with a message form Brindol. However, they had been captured by teh Lost Ones, who were seeking revenge on the Wayfarers.

After a brutal fight, the Wayfarers discovered Jalissa and Thurann, abused and beaten by the thugs. Jalissa seems to have taken her infatuation with Odachi to heart, as she now sports a crude facsimile of a Goliath tattoo on her arm, and has taken up the study of weapons.

The message Jalissa had for the party was simple – Sertanian, curator of the Hall of Great Valor in Brindol, wants to see the Wayfarers as soon as possible.


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