Kah Spahr

Kah is a changling, able to alter his appearance to any humanoid. He currently is hiding as a human Mage.


Kah’s base form is a blank slate. All white skin and hair, white eyes with black circles around them. He is always average height and weight for whatever species he is pretending to be.

Currently he is pretending to be a grizzled human mage, with salt and pepper hair and just enough scars to make him look tough. He also grew a dragon tattoo to impress a maiden.

He has added the form of a Dwarven Mage as well and sometimes reverts back to his childhood wizard form of a bespectacled lad with a lightening scar.


Doppelgangers or changelings are Evil alignment. As a rite of passage, they are sent out into regular society to create and maintain a persona for a period of three years. During this time they are to totally immerse themselves in this persona and use it to cause mischief and stryfe amongst the “stayfaces” as they call other races. Kah undertook his trial at the Pigspimple school for magic. While there he made some real friends and discovered that he actually liked the other students. One day in a summoning class, Kah purposely altered a nearby students spellbook so that rather than summoning a canary, he summoned a basilisk. Kah was counting on the teacher to stop it before it did any real damage, but The basilisk turned the teacher to stone before he could intervene. Seeing his friends in real danger Kah instinctively leapt to their defense, hurling fireballs and lightening at the basilisk until the head wizard showed up and banished the beast from whence it came. The students hailed Kah as a hero but headmaster know knew his secret. Rather than reveal what Kah was and expel him however, he offered him a choice. he told Kah that he could choose to turn his back on his Changeling heritage and live a human life. Kah never forgot this act of kindness, nor did he forget the look on his friends faces as they were terrorized by the Basilisk, and that is what turned him away from the normal Doppelganger path of evil, and why he strives against his races nature to be good. That is also why he is afraid to reveal himself. He is ashamed of being a Changeling.

Kah enjoyed his new home and quickly found that he actually was quite good at magic. These were the happiest moments of Kah’s life but it was not to last. The college and everyone in it was destroyed by a great warlord who they had offended. Kah escaped the slaughter by shifting his shape into one of the generals troopers. He tried to take his revenge on the powerful warlord one night but failed, barely escaping with his life.

Now he hides on the fringe of society like a not so friendly wraith, refining his magical powers, waiting for the day when he is strong enough to avenge the friends he lost in the fire.

In his travels, seeking information about the mysterious robed figure who destroyed the school of magic which Kah was attending, Kah had found the names of several adventuring groups native to a nearby valley called the Elsir Vale. One name stood out amongst the rest – The Wayfarers.

Rumor speaks of this group’s exploits in grand terms, mentioning the destruction of a hundred hobgoblins while rescuing a dozen kidnapped townsfolk, the single-handed defeat of an army of orcs and trolls in the defense of the dwarf city of Overlook, and travels to the Shadowfell and beyond.

Rumor also told that the group was based in the small town of Brindol, nestled deep in the Elsir Vale. It was there that Kah traveled, seeking these heroes, but they had not yet returned from Overlook from their last adventure. So Kah traveled to Overlook, intent on meeting these Wayfarers.

It is here, halfway between Brindol and Overlook, that Kah joins the Wayfarers.

He plays the role of controller for his party. Hurling fire and lightening to take out groups of foes.

Kah Spahr

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