Lord Durven Graef

Damned lord of Graefmotte


Durven Graef was trapped in the Shadowfell by his sin of murdering his own son out of pride. On the eve of his sin, he and his entire town were trapped by the shadowfell, carried over to the shadow realm. There, the citizenry was damned to live in hunger and fear while waiting for their lord to admit his sin and free them. Alas, Graef refused to do so, cursing them to an eternity of hunger and fear.

Only through the intervention of the Wayfarers, accidentally diverted to Graefmotte by the destruction at Umbraforge, did Graef finally come face-to-face with his sin, and in so doing, release all the souls that had been held in limbo for a century or more.

Lord Durven Graef

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