Human Ranger of Brindol, has a family who is still living there and is adventuring to keep them safe.


Mako is quiet and reserved, tending to stay in the background of discussions listening. He tends to consider himself ‘slower’ than others but will typically act on what he believes to be right.

A large human, he is has several tatoos from his time in serving with the army during the first incursion. Has maintained several friendships amongst the Dwarves and Goliaths of the StoneHold Mountains from his time against the hordes of Tiamat.

While he has been known to be headstrong from time to time (ask his wife), none have ever questioned his loyalty and patience. He tends to be over protective of those he considers to be under his charge, something he has begun to realize that he need not be. Especially with his current traveling companions.


Mako was born to a small farming family on the very outskirts of Brindol, during a meteor shower. Several of the midwife’s believed this was very portentous and believed he was destined for great things. Growing up it was his responsibility to herd and guard the small sheep flock from predators. He took it upon himself to use the bow to frighten off wolves and wild dogs that would go after the sheep, as well as supplementing his family’s food stored with rabbits and other game. When he was about 15, Azarr Kul, invaded destroying much of his home and family. Joining the local militia, Mako used his abilities with the bow and his knowledge of the surrounding area to help his company fight against the Red Hand of Doom. During the last battle, while a small group of adventurers defeated Azarr Kul, his company along with many Dwarves and Goliaths were in combat against the goblinoid hordes. Wounded during the battle, he was brought to the healer’s tent. There he was healed and fell in love with Ana. Two years later they were wed, and another year later had a baby daughter Krissiana. Several years after the war against the Red Hand of Doom went by peacefully, and everyone has forgotten about Mako’s ‘auspicious birth’. He has left the militia to live peacefully but still aids in the training of the town’s archers. Ana acts as a midwife and healer to many of the townfolk, while her father works for the Staghunter Outfitters as a tanner. Mako, continues to hunt many of the predators in the surrounding areas to try and keep the outlying farms and their livestock/crops safe, bringing the animals back to his father-in-law. Due to spending much of his time on the hunt, Mako tends to be a little more aloof to strangers and will often listen in on conversations. He does not see himself as a hero or adventurer; those types of people never stay in one place often gallivanting off in search of riches/glory/power/fame/revenge. He cares not about any of those things, and is quite content to spend the rest of his days with Ana and Krissiana. Having been a scout and archer during the war, Mako has been able to forge some friendships amongst the Dwarves and Goliaths of the Stonehome Mountains. He is quite comfortable with allowing others that he deems more knowledgeable (just about anyone) to make key decisions as, he does not believe that he is any type of a leader or hero.


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