A Dark Creeper who formerly worked for Sarshan, whereabouts currently unknown.

He had hired thugs from the Lost Ones in Overlook to seek out and kill the Wayfarers, in order to retrieve a brass key which would unlock the gate back to the Shadowfell. Having managed to retrieve the key despite the failure of the Lost Ones, Modra was found attempting to sabotage Sarshan’s eldritch factory in the shadowfell. After fighting with his minions, and defeating a monstrous beast being grown there in the factory, Modra and the Wayfarers came to an uneasy truce, wherein Modra would destroy the remainder of the factory while the Wayfarers sought out Sarshan.

Modra sought to bring down Sarshan over a disagreement in business practices; Modra felt that Sarshan’s involvement in some sort of invasion of the real world was a bad idea, and had actually worked to plant evidence of Sarshan’s involvement in the invasion s of Brindol and Overlook. Unfortunately, the Wayfarers’ flooding of the tunnels beneath Bordrin’s Watch destroyed Modra’s carefully placed evidence, forcing Modra to take a more direct route in derailing Sarshan’s plans.

Modra’s fate is unknown, as the mercenary encampment became unstable and the Wayfarers were forced to flee the area in a hurry.


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