Goliath Warden


Level 20Goliath Earthshaker Warden
HP 180
Speed 6
Initiative + 12
STR 25 (+ 7)
CON 20 (+ 5)
DEX 11 (0)
INT 9 (- 1)
WIS 14 (+ 2)
CHA 11 (0)

AC 34
Fort. 34
Ref. 28
Will 30

Skills: Athletics +30, Intimidate +18, Nature +21, Perception +19
22 Passive Insight
29 Passive Perception

Attacks: At Will: + 26 vs AC or + 27 vs FORT; DMG: 1d10 + 18


At over 7’ tall. Odachi is large, grey-skinned, and muscular. Dark-greenish grey marking patterns swirl across his stony skin; he believes they tell his history and future. As all Goliath males, bald.

Like all Goliaths, competitive and adventuring to seek thrills and challenges. Time with the Wayfarers has tempered his boastfulness, but still drives great pleasure from combat against great odds or against one foe. Taunts opponents; has little patience for their own boasts; takes “talking as a free action” to maximum insult potential. Overall, impatient in general. Deep respect for nature, deep mistrust and loathing of undead and the Shadowfell as not part of the natural cycle. When dealing with nature, in particular forests or mountains, tends to become introspective.

Has recently discovered a strong dislike of flying.


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