Shadar-Kai arms dealer


Sarshan is the muscle behind the recent attacks on the civilized folk of the Elsir Vale. As a mercenary captain and arms dealer, he has been hired by an as yet unknown entity to invade the Elsir Vale. The true purpose of this invasion is currently unknown.

Sarshan has only briefly met the Wayfarers, once in the guise of a decrepit old man at the Happy Beggar almshouse in Overlook, and once again in his true capacity as the mastermind of the invasions. After offering to hire the Wayfarers for their exceptional abilities, Modra’s sabotage of his operations pulled him away, leaving the Wayfarers to deal with his second in command.

Sarshan’s fate and current whereabouts are unknown.

[Mako] It has recently come to light that Sarshan has placed a bounty on the heads of the Wayfarers. It seems that his escape was far enough away not to have been caught in the cataclismic blast that destroyed his camp in the Shadowfel.


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