Hobgoblin warlord who assaulted Brindol


Sinruth was a hobgoblin warlord who believed he was chosen by his gods to bring the legend of the Red Hand of Doom back to the Elsir Vale. He led an assault on the town of Brindol, taking captives and returning to his headquarters in the ruins of castle Rivenroar.

As it turns out, Sinruth was being coached by an unknown entity. Dark Creepers were found to be aiding the hobgoblin, providing weapons and training. A note written to Sinruth, and signed only “S,” made mention of an Emissary with whom Sinruth would meet and had met in the past.

The Wayfarers made short work of Sinruth and his minions, rescuing all of the captives (except Kartinex, who was slain by ettercaps during an escape attempt) and bringing them home safely to Brindol.

Evidence recovered in the tunnels beneath Bordrin’s Watch has since linked Sinruth and Tusk to thge weapons dealer Sarshan. It appears that their invasions were all orchestrated at the behest of the mysterious client of Sarshan’s for some unknown purpose.


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