Geneva Scales of War

A plea for help

After rescuing Thurann and Jalissa, the Wyafarers departed for Brindol. Jalissa was fairly tight-lipped about the reason for their summons, and only hints that Sertanian was quite insistent on their fast return.

Along the way, the Wayfarers met someone looking for them, but thankfully, this mysterious human wizard was not seeking the bounty on their heads. Instead, he sought the Wayfarers to help him avenge the destruction of his wizarding school. The Wyafarers agreed that they would help Kah Spahr in his quest for vengeance – after a little business gets finished up.

In Brindol, much revelry was had at the Antler and Thistle, the original meeting place of the Wayfarers so long ago. The next morning, the Wyafarers headed to the Hall of Great Valor to meet with Sertanian. There, he explained that the platinum longsword that the Wayfarers had recovered from the hobgoblin hordes had mysteriously begun to speak to him, pleading that Sertanian bring “heroes of Brindol” to it immediately.

And when those heroes approached the longsword, it indeed began to speak.

It claimed to be called Amyria, a spirit trapped within the sword. The spirit’s memory seemd clouded however, for it could not remember anything of itself except that it was somehow awakened when a portal in a secluded temple in the mountains was activated. Now, she yearns to be freed from the sword, compelled by some unknown drive, and she needs to be taken to this Greystone Fortress, where a ritual will free her from the sword.

So on to the Fortress the Wayfarers went, platinum sword in hand. There, they discovered a massive temple carved with statues of Githzerai. The temple was once, long ago, a monastery of the mysterious race of beings. On the stairs, the Wayfarers found themselves ambushed by Drow and their spider beasts. A heated battle ensued, with new friend Kah flexing his magical might.

Soon the last dark elf fell, and the party delved deeper into the temple.

Rescuing the Damsel

Previous Session

Alright folks, I’ll start by posting a synopsis of our last session here.

Having liberated Geoff Graef’s bones from the demon living in the Graef crypt below Graefmotte Keep, the Wayfarers headed back up the long staircase to the surface. When you arrived there, Lord Graef and a group of soldiers awaited them. Swift words were exchanged, culminating with the ghost of Geoff possessing his bones and confronting his father.

The ghost laid its hands on Graef’s head, and the two relived the monents leading up to the death of the son. With such irrefutable evidence at hand, Graef was forced to admit his sin, and in so doing, unravel the curse that hung over the souls in Graefmotte.

The dense fog that roiled in the woods outside the town suddenly rolled into the building, obscuring all around you. A feeling of peace and Tranquility overcame the heroes, and soon Geoff Graef appeared before you. He thanked you for your help, and for freeing the souls of the citizens of Graefmotte. In return for their service, Geoff had been granted the abiltiy to whisk the four of you back home.

You appeared roughly a mile outside of Overlook, back in the real world. After a short hike back to town, you were greeted by cheering citizenry; apparently, the sudden disappearance of the heroes of Overlook had caused some concern among the populace. Included among the citizens was Captain Aerun and Elder Cadrick.

Soon, you discovered that a messenger had been seeking you out for a few days now. Some digging the next morning revealed that the messengers – there had been two, a boy and a young woman – had been captured by the Lost Ones, an organized group of criminals that ran the underworld of Overlook. More investigation reealed that he messengers were in fact Thurann and Jalissa.

Finally, a shakedown of some seedy types led you to the abandoned temple of Pelor (god of the sun and light) in the impoverished Nine Bells quarter of Overlook.

Before entering the Nine Bells, an elf bounty hunter named Gilgathorn – “Thorn to my friends” – warned the party that the messengers were merely bait, and that a 1000 gp bounty had been placed on their heads.

Armed with this knowledge, the Wayfarers formulated a plan of attack and entered the temple. In the center of the temple, beaten and tied to a chair, was Thurann; Jalissa was nowhere to be seen. Then the trap was spurng.

The Lost Ones had indeed brought the full force of their ranks to bear, and a hard fought battle left Odachi nearly dead, but the Lost Ones routed and broken.

Thurann was beaten but not in mortal danger. Jalissa was found in an adjoining room, beaten and worse. The Wayfarers retreated back to the House of Sleep, where they were staying as guests of the Council, to regroup and tend to the wounded messengers.

We will pick up Wednesday, May 19th with the revelation of Jalissa’s message.

First Log Post
Starting in the middle?

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