Geneva Scales of War

I Untrained that Accidentally. Shitty.

Odachi thinking about taking level in Bard. So, Odachi write epic.
After claiming the Arrow of Fate from the actually-quite-accommodating “Unyielding Storm”, it was decided that Ioun has basically said, “I will tell you where the arrow is. But I won’t look if you find you need to take it.”

Odachi still think trying to out-con Asmodius bad idea. But now Pelor, Erathis, Ioun, and Bahamut’s problem. And then most likely problem of Spooky, Shooty, and Furry. Which means possibly Odachi’s problem. If for no other reason than to keep Burny from incinerating Prime Material…sigh. One god at a time.

After arguing if best way to return to Sayre was walk, portal, or find flying pheldagriff, Odachi think Kah portaled. At Telecanthus’ manor, Bejem tells Amyria is very ill, but perhaps the healing city of Empyrion would heal her (why we not go there first?). With a quickly drawn and chanted portal by Kah, we found ourselves in front of the white marble Alabaster Tower (Odachi sense motif in decor among outer planes), a half-dozen robed Exalted walked from the tower, an immediately began ministering to the deva. Another robed figure, shorter and stockier than others, steps up, and pulling back his hood reveals Kalad, Paladin or Moradin and former Commander of the Coalition Forces. Odachi hugs little dead dwarf.

Kalad tells that while he fell in battle, Moradin requested him here, knowing we would eventually need assistance. Bahamut predicted all of this (why he not move to stop it earlier? Again, gods), and put part of his essence in Amyria. We’ll need Moradin’s help to get it out.

And speaking of “One God at a Time” (Odachi have idea for humorous series of ballads with that title. Must make note.) Wayfarers the headed to Moradin’s realm (Odachi doesn’t mind Moradin. Sure, his avatar/aspect got conned by Dispater, but seems like nice guy, as far as gods go). Behind the god’s beard (actually a waterfall. Not bad for god of dwarves), things seemed “off.” Particularly when we were attacked in a forge room by unnatural machines. In a smelting room, we conned our way out of battle. Finally, at a giant anvil, stood an aspect of the god himself, who, with a quick knock into the pool of lava (See? Lava. Mountains. Natural. Never fails.) came to senses.

With Moradin’s blessing (and the creation spark), we planeswalk to Bahamut’s palace, and immediately tell something is wrong. Bodies, of devils, mithril dragons, and gold dragons are scattered throughout the palace. In one courtyard, a tortured gold dragon lie all but dead, he musters enough strength to fill us in on rest of plan: Dakranad (Drakkar Noir? Doctor Nards?) the Mithril Dragon would see Bahamut slain to end the dawn war. Dispater, the devil lord, is assisting him in his own bid for power. Once his story is told, Silvermane puts the dragon to rest.

Onto the Bridge of Alsahal, a Creation Node where existence began (well, for the gods, maybe). A huge mithril dragon and a lone cloaked figure stand, the dragon demands the arrow and the spark. We…chose not to provide it. As the dragon kept being knocked into the abyss below, Odachi and Orsik took on the Lord of Hell himself, Dispater. With the death of Dakranad, Dispater was pushed into the glowing, golden field at the end of the bridge. As he slowly disintegrated, he opened a portal, an in a raspy voice said, “well played, Wayfarers,” and stepped back to the hells.

Amyria gathered enough strength to take the arrow and the spark, walk into the shimmering curtain, and step out an old man. Bahamut looked to those loyal to him, and thanked them for their service. The old god knew the battle with Tiamat was not over, but we had restored him.

…Odachi think he’ll stick with swords. Writing not for him.

The Arrow of Fate is in the Quiver of Hope. Next to the Beans of Redeption.
In front of the Taint of Regret, and beyond that is the Void.

The Wayfarers found themselves at the Swan Tower, home to the largest library on any plane and the home of the goddess Ioun. Entering into the library, they directly approached the information desk. Silvermane, wasting no time, set out the demand to speak with the goddess herself. It was revealed that she was not in the city, having departed some time before on a “research trip.” The head librarian, a deva named Kalthax, was quickly cowed into assisting, and sent James the page to summon the High Priest of Ioun. After much research, the heroes found information on the Arrow of Fate and its location within the city of Hestavar itself, beneath the lagoon out front. The presence of the devils in Hestavar was explained as well, for the devil lord Asmodius and the three gods of city made a pact to seal the arrow away.

James returned, having been slapped by the high priest himself, so the Wayfarers next order of business was to teach the “chosen of Ioun” some manners. Upon entry into the High Temple, they found an imperious halfling High Priest, who, with some theatrics from Kah, was cowed into casting a ritual to call upon the goddess. Ioun did respond, and indicated where the Arrow of Fate could be found, guarded by the primordial Nakhatan, The Unyielding Storm. Ioun also indicates annoyance with her high priest’s behavior.

With the assistance of Binwin’s skiff, the Wayfarers find a small basalt square in the center of the lagoon, and upon touching it, it sinks into the crystal waters. The water begins to swirl, creating a whirlpool, as winds whip up and a storm comes quite literally from nowhere. Upon the floor of the lagoon, in the center of this maelstrom, a figure made of stone and lighting strides from the wall of water. As the fliers approach the primordial, they are buffeted by winds pushing them to the ground. Odachi, carrying Orsik, drops the dwarf upon their foe, striking Nakhatan for the first of many critical strikes during the combat. Once the storm yields, his mortal form cracks open, revealing the Arrow of Fate and additional treasure.

Quickly flying out of the collapsing whirlpool, the Wayfarers board Binwin’s skiff in time to depart the scene before any of Hestavar’s angelic of devilish population can investigate.

Every Time I Tried to Equip Something to the Hands, It Disappeared!

A month in Sayre passes, the Wayfarers each attending to their own personal quests. Odachi again spends much time working with Sayre’s archdruid. However, the Goliath finds himself troubled by signs from the ancestor spirits, and at least once a week seeks out primal places of power for answers: a high mountain cairn, a world tree at the heart of the woods near the city, a luminescent cavern spring deep within the Underdark. At each, he is presented with a potential destiny for himself: hero, fallen, conqueror, and so on. It seems to the Goliath as if the ancestors’ plan for him are muddled, and unclear. Seeking knowledge, he begins to haunt Sayre’s library, the Goliath’s huge frame and hides initially off-putting to the librarians, but eventually they grow accustomed to his huge frame stalking the stacks. Odachi learns much of the Dawn War during this time: of Gods, Primordials, and Primal Spirits; of Io, Tiamat and Bahamut.

Please feel free to add your own tales, guys

The Wayfarers are eventually summoned to the Coalition House; the old mansion still serving as their base of operations. Amyria, looking drawn and ill, contact with Bahamut having been lost, informs the party that answers to unraveling the riddle can be found in the extra-planar planar city of Hestavar, created by the gods Pelor, Erathis, and Ioun to be their home, the pinnacle of lawful civilization. Ioun’s own Swan Tower library.

Silvermane calls Amyria aside, and informs her of a dream he had, a dream in which she was struck by an arrow of sinew and bone, only for the perspective to shift, and he held a great bow. Upon hearing the description of the arrow, Kah blurt out in Primordial, only to have Odachi [-Editor’s note. Yup. It was ODACHI. We were all very confused by this account.] translate, “Arrow of Fate.” Kah’s inner primordial had been speaking, and the wizard reveled the Arrow of Fate is a legendary artifact, the very weapon used to split the dragon god Io into his Bahamut and Tiamat halves. Amyria shared that she too had a similar dream, of being struck by the same arrow, but not knowing fear.

After some debate [mostly consisting of Mako saying, “We can walk! No really, I have this nifty new power and we can walk!” and Odachi repeating, “No flying boats. No flying boats. No flying boats.”], the Wayfarers decided to travel via a Kah-created-portal to Hestavar.

The Wayfarers arrived in the Hestavar upon the beach of a crystalline lagoon, the archetype of the perfect city stretching up from its shores, earthmotes floating above. A sense of ease, of law, of order pervaded the town; angels, devils, and exalted walked and talked together, debating philosophy and war. While some walked up carved stairs from the shore, others flew, or took any of a number of flying skiffs to get into the city itself. Odachi repeated, “No boats.” However, a deal with a fast-talking devil named Binwin secured the pilot’s services for the day, first to drink, then to the library. First, to the “Winged Halo,” an inn of some repute, where a line of questioning turned up that Pelor, Erathis, and Ioun could be found in the city, but audience with them would be next to impossible. A short walk away, on the way to the Swan Tower, the hustle and bustle of the city fades, and the party is set upon by a troupe of devils, and as noted for their oddity as part of the troupe, two mitheral dragon-kin. Following the battle, a puzzle box was discovered on one of them, and while it contained enough residuum for a significant number of rituals, it left the bigger puzzle as to the strange party of lesser devils and typically good dragon-kin.

"It DID Sound Juicy, or Motorboating Yourself."

As the Wayfarers entered into a plushy arranged, crystalline room, a lich, his skin rotted away, turns and says “The heroes are too late,” with a sneer. Orsik responds with delicate dwarven diplomacy…by whipping his hammer at the lich’s head. With a raise of his ebon wand, black tentacles shot upward, and two smokey wraiths appeared to attack. Ifuljahar teleported across the chamber, and with a gout of flame, burned his laboratory and notes. While most of the adventurers took care to destroy Ifuljahar, Mako was able to extinguish most of the flames. In the laboratory, several books rested on a bookcase; two tomes were clearly in use, but badly charred. Kah was able to determine that it appeared the ritual was in planning for centuries, its purpose to bind a god in mortal form.

Kah’s own ritual questioning of the room confirmed the Wayfarer’s suspicions that Bahamut was the target, and where the treasures of the lich were hidden.

With a Planar Portal cast by Kah, the Wayfarers returned to Sayre, to deliver word to the angel who intially pointed them to the plane of betrayal. The atmosphere of Sayre was tense, a feeling of greed permeated the people; Tiamat had the city firmly in her talons. Upon reporting to the Coalition, the sense of purpose that held the alliance together during the war had faded to squabbles over trade agreements and territory. Amyria would send for Bejem, to study the ritual. While Amyria and Silvermane still felt Bahamut’s spark within them, but the temple of Bahamut was shuttered. The Wayfarers arrived to find the torches unlit, and the door barred. Odachi “picked the lock” in his less than subtle manor, and as upon entering found its priests cowering inside. Silvermane ordered the temple to reopen, and one lone altar boy slowly stood, then ran to follow the Talon of Bahamut’s orders.

We Could Be Playing Cards Against Humanity...

The chamber The Wayfarers entered stretched wider than longer, a blackened altar opposite the doors, a font of clouded water behind it. A heavily armored figure knelt in prayer before the altar. Addressed by Orsik, the figure rose, revealing itself to be a Dragonborn, saying, as so many had before, the Wayfarers were “too late,” for the ritual had begun. Orsik’s response was to aim and throw his hammer at the Dragonborn, who hissed, “So, it’s to be this way, then.” With a draw of his bowstring, Mako transposed with Dragonborn, and with a hiss from the foe, the doors to the room slammed shut. Following a relatively quick battle, the doors remained shut; as Orsik and Odachi struggled to open them, the draconic relief on the doors seemed to come to life, claws dug into the jamb around the door.

From the other side, a voice hisses, "You are too late…the
As the two defenders struggled with the doors, others explored the rooms connected to the chamber. To the right of the main doors, two narrow stairways led to a long hall, with statues of Tiamat in alcoves at either end. A small niche in the center of the hall held minimal ceremonial supplies. A series of chambers curved around the back of the wall holding the font, once opulent quarters now dusty and empty.

Eventually, damage dealt to the doors broke the spell, and The Wayfarers took an extended rest within the Solace Bole. Heading up the next flight of stairs, they reached a landing with double doors, the corridor leading to a room that appeared to consist of wooden walkways swinging over a hundred-foot pit. With their abilities, The Wayfarers were able to quickly fly over the pit, briefly seeing a demonic humanoid lunge upwards from below one of the walkways.

Biggest, Blackest...?

From the irregular hall where the Wayfarers felled the litch, most doors revealed ratty sleeping chambers, but on stairway led up, and one led down. Following the stair down, the Wayfarers discovered a guardroom, and through it, a well-appointed study. Despite a chair, and rug, it did not appear either had been used in a long time, if at all, although the desk clearly had been. The tapestry on the wall depicted demons enslaving and subjugating the innocent. Through a second set of locked doors off the guardroom—Mako unlocked with a Skeleton Key —the Wayfarers found a chamber of pillars and pits; a lone, black-scaled Dragonborn knelt next to a far pit, speaking into it, “We’ll see to your rescuers before we finish.”

The Dragonborn was Morhnjar, the Black Exarch of Tiamat. In battle, he wielded a finely-crafted falchion, and was joined by a Beholder and pack of blind, slavering Grimlocks. When Mako transposed himself with the Exarch, he discovered in the pit was a draconic angel, to which he immediately bowed. The angel had been tortured, and was led outside by the Wayfarers, where it struggled to take flight and return to its celestial home.

Returning up the stairs into the tower, the Wayfarers discovered a row of bed chambers, some use,d some abandoned. From the other side of a set of double doors at the center of the hall murmurs could be heard; bursting through the doors, the Wayfarers entered into a huge chamber. Across from the doors a black altar stood, and to the right, two narrow stone stairs led down.

My Super Hero Name is "Quick Pickle"

The Wayfarers knock, and when no one answers, they enter the tower…
Into the Mottled Citadel, the Wayfarers enter a corridor; to Orsik it appeared not carved, but smoothed from the stone with dark magic. As Kah lit the way, it became clear the dust on the floor had not been disturbed in a very long time. Double doors at the far end, two doors branched off the center of the hall: the first into a small sitting room containing chairs and a table carved with years of graffiti; the second into a slightly wider entry hall, and around a 90-degree corner, a small empty room. The double doors at the end of the initial chamber opened into a large, rectangular room. Four pits near each corner dropped under the floor, and investigation revealed they were connected via tunnels. In the center of the room “stood” a mass of chain approximating human form: a Chain Golem. On the other side of the chain golem, a large double door led out of the room. As combat with the golem ensued, it was joined by humanoid figures appearing to be made of smoke, and eventually a flaming skull. When the Wayfarers felled the huge golem, it crashed to the ground with the sound of tons of steel hitting stone.
Through the double doors at the end of the chamber, the Wayfarers entered into an irregularly-shaped chamber, and a robed, skeletal figure at the far end screeched, and was joined by screeches from the chambers branching off the hall. The skeletal figure is joined by others, and eventually, a clearly better-appointed skeleton steps from one of the rooms, Kah called “Litch!”And though with its dying breath it swore to return, finding its phylactery under a mattress in one of the chambers ended its chances of a quick return.

Our Most Charismatic Member

Total treasure from claiming the Sword of Kas, and ignoring Rolain, the vampire lord: 19000 gp each. Plus three potions of vitality.

After stepping through the portal in Arantor’s lair, the Wayfarers found themselves upon a rocky outcropping overlooking a forest of dry, withered, dead trees, their gnarled branches reaching up like skeletal fingers into the utterly still sky. A dim light that could only be generously called sunlight filtered though the cloud cover, no wind blew, not one of the clouds above moved. In the distance ahead of the party, a black tower pierced the grey sky; behind them, the rocky outcropping sloped downward into the wood. The silence was shattered as a Blackroot Trent, crashed form the forest at lunged at the Wayfarers. A brief, but intense battle ensued, the Trent joined by two warriors, as if carved from stone, who erupted from the rock beneath. The battle ended by pushing the Trent over the cliff face, shattering itself and the grey, gnarled trees below in its fall.

Throughout the battle, and into the wood, the Sword of Kas urged Silvermane to betray his companions, and urging the revenant ignored. Marching down the hill, led by Odachi, scouted by Mako, for there was no clear path into the unnatural woods, hours of heading roughly in the direction of the citadel in the distance, the Wayfarers came upon a clearing. A brackish creek cut through the clearing, and on its far bank, a large figure in the form of a traditional reaper floated next to a more finely dressed skeleton. Between the creek and the Wayfarers, two trees glow with spectral energy, Odachi notes spirits trapped inside. Kah responds to the tree by lighting it on fire, and Skeletor across the creek warns that will only be a temporary solution.

The Wayfarers parley with the undead, who reveals himself to be Rithkerrar, a follower of Vecna whose own quest to reclaim the ritualist, Irfelujahar has been impeded by the denizens of the forest. He and his deathly companion were all that remained. Rithkerrar was open and forthright with the party, for Vecna had as much to gain as the Wayfarers from stopping the ritual and gaining revenge upon Tiamat. In discussion, it was revealed that Irfelujahar was corrupted by Tiamat a millennium prior, and Mornujhar, the black exarch, guards the citadel and the ritualist. Throughout the parley, the Sword of Kas was abuzz with a desire to attack this high-ranking follower of Vecna, through which Silvermane taunted the artifact.

With an uneasy agreement reached, Rithkerrar was to stay and contact Vecna, while the Wayfarers continued upon the way to the tower in the distance. Some hours later, the shadow of the tower falls upon the adventurers. A path winds its way up the rocky crag upon which it stands, the grey trees twist into a canopy over the path, blocking out what light filters from the sky. At the first turn of the path, undead claw their way up from the ground, ambushing the Wayfarers and drawing them into battle. Even the trees would join in the fight, for Kah especially was raked with sharply gnarled branches when he drew to close.

Elaborately Staged Nuts

In the gallery room, the three cambion stood at guard around the silver dragon statue. As the demon-spawn turned to engage the Wayfarers, footfalls echoed from the far corridor. A cambion wielding a quarterstaff spoke, promising the Wayfarers that they would make a worthy sacrifice to his master, the dracolich they sought. He fell quickly in combat, but two nothics—one-eyed aberrations—joined the fray from the far corridor.

Following combat, the Wayfarers inspected the statues and tapestries around the chamber. The staues portrayed a motley array, each with a name inscribed on the statue’s base:
A skeleton adorned in jeweled robes
A dragonborn in heavy armor
A sleek black dragon
One pile of rubble, the name inscribed on its base was Sarissa, that of the seer in town.
An angel of secrets, very similar in appearance in appearance to the one they met previously.

The tapestries each portrays a map of one of the ancient empires: Arkoshia of the dragonborn; Bael Turath of the tieflings; the eladrin realm of the twin queens; a strange and disturbing forest, with the name The Forest of Twisted Souls sewn into its border; and Nerath, the human empire. Each would be of immense value to collectors or historians, such as the university at Sayre.

Exiting the way the nothics entered, the tunnel opens to a familiar scene, as stone islands float above a deep opening in the cavern floor. The ghost still beckoned from one of the islands. Odachi and Riven flew to the first rock island, Mako and Kah took shots from afar. The ghost tried to posses Odachi, but failing resorted to combat; the dark clouds in the ceiling coalesced into the shifting forms of Callers in the Darkness. After a long, drawn-out battle, the undead fell, opening the way for the Wayfarers to continue to the next chamber.

These Balls are Kind of Sticky

Leaving the chamber of volcanic cones, the Wayfarers head to their left, back North (as close as they can surmise), in hopes of closing a loop of the cavern complex. Kah’s staff cast reddish-orange flame-like shadows on the cavern walls, as they Wayfarers made their way through the dark, but relatively straight, tunnel. After weaving for a time, a bluish light could be seen in the distance, eventually opening into a cavern with no floor in its center. Like many other chambers, luminous lichen refracted through crystalline stone lit the room. Across the gaping chasm, a path led to their left, westward towards the entrance to this labyrinth. Stone islands floated gently above the abyss, ebbing and flowing apparently at random; from the largest, a ghostly human figure beckoned to the heroes. After unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the spirit, the Wayfarers chose, instead, to turn to their right, and leave this cavern without conflict.

(Weird. We know.)

Orsik was the first to note a change in the air, tasting metal on it. Voices echoed from the next chamber; Riven scouting ahead revealed a torture and executing chamber, cells of stone along the walls, iron maiden across one side, racks across another, a guillotine in the center of the room. The floor sloped gently to a groove or gutter through the center, it disappearing under a stone wall with bas-relief Eladrin carved into it. Questions about the Eladrin artwork would have to wait, however, as three Rakshasa stood around the guillotine and a grey render shuffled within one of the cages cells. Mako had a plan. Invisibly, sneak within the center of the cat demons, and use his transposing arrow to trade places with the grey render. From the relative safety of the cell, he would pick off the Rakshasa while the render made short work of them. And with a successful shot, Mako found himself in the cell, and the Rakshasa confused as to why their pet suddenly teleported some twenty feet from where he had been.

Although the question was raised, “Should we just cut our losses and find another archer?” the rest of the Wayfarers joined the battle. One Rakshasa sought to confuse the situation by changing his form to that of Mako. Another entered the cell with Mako, and was trapped during the fray. Following the battle, there was debate as to slaying him to find what enchantment the Eladrin carving held, but Odachi held against meddling in blood magic. A weakened human was found tied to one of the racks, the Wayfarers provided him a sword and sent him on his way out.

After a rest within the Solace Bole , Orsik senses a change within the stone, “The mountain has moved,” he grunts, and so it has. The Wayfarers retraced their steps back toward the chasm and ghost, but found instead a room of statuary and hung with tapestries and maps. A large brazier lit the room, its light glinting of a statue of a huge golden dragon, around which three cambion stood guard.


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