Geneva Scales of War

"I Speak Fluent TARDIS"

With Kah in the form of the Githyanki, the Wayfarers planned to trick the Eldritch Giants on the bridge that he was escorting prisoners to the next level of the Well of Worlds. Questioned by the giants, Kah led Riven to show the giants his Whitefire marking. One giant teleported across the gap between platforms, as the giants both began to noticed the prisoners were armed…and not bound. As the deceit became clear, the Wayfarers attacked. During the battle, Odachi utilized his Ring of Ramming for the first time, and pushed one of the giants into the pit below.

Following the battle, the Wayfarers found 360 platinum, and two large ritual books on the giants. Kah discovered that this room was being used to focus the energy of the Astral Plane to power the portals of the Well of Worlds.

As before, both doors from the bridge from the Eldritch Giants’ chamber distorted space and led to another circular room, this with four evenly spaced mirrors on the walls, and a large metal grate across the floor. Through the grate, the Wayfarers could see a pure white stone stair spiral downwards. A black stone obelisk stood at the center of the grate, a glowing keyhole on each side. The obelisk proved to be unmovable, and the mirrors rippled as if made of liquid.

As the Wayfarers investigated the mirrors, the ripples coalesced, and a white crystalline bat-like creature emerged to attack the Wayfarers. After a few rounds, another, and then another emerged, until four engaged the Wayfarers in combat. Riven, Orsik, and Mako each found themselves embraced by the bats’ wings, and transported to a small room where it is only the bat and the adventurer in combat. Eventually, the enchantment wears off, and both bat and hero return to the chamber. As each bat is slain, they disappear into a puff of Astral smoke, but none leave behind a key.

The Wayfarers chose to camp in this chamber, and Orsik began to hammer on the grate during his watch. Odachi and Riven returned to the pool in the Githyanki’s lounge, where they discovered that a drink of the water provided the equivalent to a full night’s rest. In the couches, they discovered 42 copper pieces. Odachi quickly drained the bottles of wine he took from Telecanthus’, and the two returned to the chamber with enough of the water for each Wayfarer. With Kah guidance, Orsik slammed upon a place where the enchantment upon the grate was weakened. An explosion of arcane energy slammed the Wayfarers (everyone took 4 Damager), and Odachi pulled the bars apart enough to allow them passage.

The stairs spiraled down for several hundred feet, until entering a chamber filled with white light. A stone path floated above a glowing, corrosive whirlpool. Rough pillars of different heights emerged from the vortex of energy. The path turned, and opened into what was clearly an arcane study, tall shelves and table stood around the room. A lone Eldritch Giant stood within the chamber, and slowly raised his hands, “None but the ‘Masters’ have entered, but you shall love as long as they did.” As he held up his hands, faint manacles of blue energy were visible, and he stated his words flatly, not as a threat, but a warning.



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